Talligent Q&A with VMblog: OpenStack and Hybrid Cloud Billing with Openbook

Back during the recent OpenStack Summit event which took place here in Austin, VMblog.com visited the Talligent booth to get an update on our Openbook hybrid cloud billing and chargeback software.

Fast forward and our CEO Sanjay Mishra once again sat down with VMblog, this time going into a deeper dive and covering a number of different topics.

Sanjay answered a number of questions about the evolution of OpenStack, some of the key pain points our customers have talked about when managing clouds, the addition of our latest VMware and AWS support, how we differ from other solutions on the market, and more.  However, one of the key questions asked during the Q&A was this notion of “must have” vs. nice to have when it comes to billing or chargeback for a cloud environment.

VMblog:  Can you explain to readers why billing or chargeback is a must have for an OpenStack cloud environment rather than a nice to have?

Mishra:  The concept of cloud is ultimately a self-service delivery model, one where the project owners can quickly get access to the resources they need.  IT is a facilitator and not a gate keeper.  In the past, IT could work with management to ration resources and tightly control workload placement.  With cloud, project owners have the autonomy to scale up or down, and right-size the workload according to budget and requirements.  That can only effectively be accomplished by providing the project owners with visibility into cost of the resources they are consuming.  Billing and chargeback is critical to showing project owners the cost and impact of their project so that they can decide what trade-offs to make within their budget.

You can read the entire interview here: http://vmblog.com/archive/2016/06/27/vmblog-expert-interviews-talligent-talks-openstack-and-hybrid-cloud-billing-with-openbook.aspx#.V3EpSqJ5LNc