Openbook provides a robust ratings engine tuned to OpenStack and VMware.

Costs can be assigned by tenant, business unit, project, or other cost center, enabling you to turn your cloud into an efficient and automated multi-tenant environment.

Managers are automatically updated on their accrued costs as well as performance against budget.

While other billing solutions only provide a month-end summary of cloud usage, Talligent gives enterprises and service providers real-time visibility of resources and accrued costs, as well as the ability to scale up or down according to budget and project requirements.

Secure Billing

Our secure billing platform provides out of the box support for PayPal, Stripe, and as well as easy integration with your credit card provider of choice.


Rating Engine

With a flexible rating engine, creating customized rate plans allows you to support the ever-widening range of cloud services that your customers demand.



Openbook natively supports reseller workflow with rate plans, taxation, currency conversion, discounts, and promotional codes, all managed independently from the master service provider.


Offer tiered pricing for discounted rates at higher usage volumes. All pricing mechanisms are supported independently at the provider or reseller level.


Openbook gives you the power, clarity, and control to realize your cloud capacity and cost goals – today.