An efficient, on-demand multi-cloud environment is driven by self-service automation.

Talligent self-service means that customers can log into Openbook portal at any time to deploy resource, view their provisioned resources, the costs accrued to date, past and present invoices, payment status and account details.

The self-service dashboard allows policy-based access to private cloud OpenStack and VMware, and fast-path gateway to public clouds Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Further, within the portal, customers can make change requests to align resources with budget and project needs. Workflow is automatically routed to the assigned approval chain for processing, eliminating ticketing and speeding response times.

Access Control

Control and enforce access to your cloud services by roles and responsibility complemented by robust audit trial.


Catalog of templates for common cloud services to reduce error and ensure consistency.


Cloud Services

Access cloud services via cloud native API’s of Talligent Openbook because you have other services to account for.


Flip-switch deployment to all major public clouds: AWS, Azure and GCP.


Openbook gives you the power, clarity, and control to realize your cloud capacity and cost goals – today.