MANUAL: Openbook v3 How-To Guide – Service Managers

This guide covers the product operation and walkthrough of Openbook v3.  This chapter covers setting up Service Managers to collect and store data for user within Openbook.

Section 1: Create a Service Manager Definition

Section 2: Create a Service Manager

Section 2.1: Creating an OpenStack Service Manager

Section 2.2: Creating an AWS Service Manager

Section 2.3: Creating a Custom Service Manager

Section 3: About Talligent

Excerpt: Service Managers define how data is collected and stored within Openbook. Openbook has predefined service managers for OpenStack and VMware platforms, as well as the ability for administrators to create custom service managers for other infrastructure elements and cloud services.

Openbook gives you the power, clarity, and control to realize your cloud capacity and cost goals – today.