WHITEPAPER: Cloud API Introduction

As data centers evolve to incorporate cloud services into their business models, cost and capacity data must be easily integrated into these solutions and processes.

Section 1: A Cloud Management API You Can Use

Section 2: Data Sources

Section 3: Accessing the API

Excerpt: Openbook was designed with this integration in mind. Openbook v3 comes equipped with a complete set of APIs that provide easy access to all data stored in the Openbook knowledgebase. These APIs are used to drive the charts and reports in the Openbook UI and can be similarly used for your custom portals and reports. This information can also be exported to business intelligence tools like Tableau, invoicing and CRM systems like Oracle Financials, Zuora, or Salesforce, and accounting solutions like Microsoft Dynamics.

Openbook gives you the power, clarity, and control to realize your cloud capacity and cost goals – today.