CASE STUDY: Enterprise Private Cloud Services

Customer: North American telecommunications company

Section 1: Highlights

Section 2: Introduction

Section 3: Customer Need

Section 4: Showback

Section 5: Capacity Reporting

Section 6: API Requirements

Section 7: Solution Details

Section 8: About Talligent


This North American telecommunications company uses OpenStack to provide a nimble and flexible cloud platform for developers to quickly create and test new applications. Additionally, OpenStack powers the production infrastructure supporting many of the various subscriber services and other internal and external applications.

In order to efficiently manage the fast growth of their OpenStack environment, the customer selected Openbook by Talligent to provide cost and capacity reporting. High level requirements include:

  • Showback by project, Vice President, and SVP
  • Data driven capacity planning
  • Single solution that covers all cloud and virtualization services (OpenStack, LBaaS, object storage)

This case study discusses the customer’s environment and reporting requirements, along with an overview of how Openbook meets those requirements.

Openbook gives you the power, clarity, and control to realize your cloud capacity and cost goals – today.