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Simplify the tasks of planning, charging, and predicting
capacity requirements for private cloud services.

Optimize your private
cloud operations

Openbook gives you visibility and control to manage your private cloud.

Built on a comprehensive history of cloud resources and tenant consumption, Openbook is designed to provide actionable insights regarding the use, distribution, costs and growth of your cloud.

Managers can easily demonstrate to their internal constituents that they can provide a cost competitive alternative to public clouds.

Simple to deploy

Out-of the-box solution – Install, configure, deploy, report in a matter of hours.

Showback / Chargeback

Clearly communicate cloud costs and usage to tenants and manangement.

Capacity and budget planning

A comprehensive history of cloud resource consumption / forecasting tools.

Deep analytics

Report consumption by tenant, cost center, business unit, or VP.

Get clean, stay clean

Identify orphaned entities and underutilized assets to reduce sprawl.

Supports hybrid clouds

Show and compare costs and capacity of VMware and OpenStack environments in a single pane of glass.

Openbook – the leading OpenStack resource capacity & cost management solution for Enterprise.

Provide a true on-demand cloud infrastructure

Openbook enables enterprises to provide and report on cloud services based on the OpenStack platform. This includes dedicated instances, networks, storage, applications, virtual desktops, and other infrastructure elements or services.

Manage all cloud related services

We do OpenStack well but also know that you have other services to account for. Our REST API allows you to push additional infrastructure elements into OpenBook for inclusion into the rate plans and reports. Alternatively, all cost information can be easily shared with legacy accounting systems for detailed budget planning.

Automated workflows

An on-demand private cloud is driven by self-service automation. Openbook includes a workflow engine to eliminate change request ticketing and automate report and notification delivery.

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Showback / Chargeback

Openbook has a robust ratings engine tuned to OpenStack and VMware clouds. Costs can be assigned by tenant, business unit, VP, project, or other cost center. Managers are automatically updated on their accrued costs as well as performance against budget.

Turn internal users into resource stewards

Reduce VM sprawl and help your internal users be better stewards of the environment by giving them the visibility and tools to control resources assigned to them. Subscribers can log into the portal at any time and view their provisioned resources, current consumption, and month-to-date costs. Additionally, subscribers can make quota change requests to align resources with budget and project needs.

Data at your fingertips

Cloud providers need a holistic view of the cloud capacity and consumption, as well as the ability to drill down to tenant and business units in order to add capacity in a timely manner. With Openbook, data is easily accessible and digestible across cost center, business unit, or project.


Capacity planning

Without visibility into the growth of cloud services by department, it is impossible to accurately predict how much new capacity to add, and when. Detailed reports of growth trends and seasonal patterns allow you to better plan for new capacity.

Action, not reaction

Openbook builds a comprehensive historical record of your cloud configuration and resource details. This record is used to provide valuable insights into resource utilization, operating costs, SLAs, and capacity planning – critical information for running an efficient business on an OpenStack Cloud.

Detailed cloud reporting

Quickly answer key management questions about your environment – largest tenants, service growth, accrued costs. The ad hoc reporting allows you to quickly drill down to the relevant details of your cloud environment.

Single pane of glass for your private hybrid cloud

Openbook supports VMware and OpenStack environments to show and compare costs and capacity across the variety of cloud solutions in place behind your firewall. Azure support is coming soon.

Under one roof

A single instance of Openbook can connect to multiple OpenStack clouds and regions to support a single widely distributed OpenStack environment or multiple private managed environment.

Get clean, stay clean

OpenStack does not consistently remove resources when a project is deleted. Openbook reports on these orphaned entities for easy removal. Openbook also tracks utilization rates to identify instances that may be underutilized based on CPU or memory.


Capacity and budget planning for OpenStack.

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