Boston Summit Session Submissions from Talligent – Verizon, Charter, SUSE

Talligent Proposed Sessions include managing Cloud Costs and delivery of simplified self-service on Openstack

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Enterprise Case Study: Demonstrating the Return on Investment of OpenStack Cloud

Jason Rouault, the architect and operator of large scale, enterprise-grade public and private clouds running on OpenStack, and Sanjay Mishra, CEO of Talligent, will present best practices for using a data-driven approach to maximizing the value of your OpenStack investment.

  • Steps for determining the ROI of OpenStack cloud
  • Using tools and reports to demonstrate ongoing value and drive informed management decisions
  • Key metrics for various stakeholders – project owners, operators, executives
  • Best practices for using chargeback and capacity planning to balance high utilization with adequate resources to support growth

Verizon Case Study: The illusion of infinite capacity

This is part 2 of the ongoing case study of Verizon’s journey to creating an automated self-service experience for tenants in a hyperscale global OpenStack private cloud environment. Verizon and Talligent will share lessons learned managing cloud use, distribution, costs and growth for the tenants.  Part 1 was presented at the Barcelona Summit and can be viewed here:

Financial Modeling of Your OpenStack Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Frank Rego of Suse and John Meadows of Talligent talk about Day 2 management requirements for running your OpenStack cloud at peak utilization.  We’ll explore some real customer use cases and discuss the business advantages of having a consolidated view of your hybrid cloud environment. Find out how your organization can easily deploy OpenStack, then closely track cloud utilization and provide controls that are managed by corporate policy so you’re not hit with cost overruns and inefficiencies.


We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone in Boston!