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Yes, we were the first to offer robust billing
and showback solutions on OpenStack, and
we are not stopping there!

Tally Intelligently

IT service delivery models are changing quickly
– you need a solution that has the flexibility to keep
ahead of the pack and differentiate your cloud.

Big Business

Talligent OpenBook provides the functionality to turn your OpenStack
cloud into an efficient and automated multi-tenant environment.


Introducing OpenBook, visibility and control for your OpenStack cloud.

Whether you are a service provider billing tenants for cloud services, or an enterprise needing showback and tenant self-service, Talligent delivers a fully-functional, simple to use cloud management solution that has been built specifically for OpenStack.

Intelligent Cloud Reporting

OpenBook creates an independent and detailed historical record of your cloud configuration and tenant resource consumption. With an intuitive graph view of cloud tenant resources, cloud administrators get a high-level overview of resource utilization and tenant costsas well as the ability to to drill down to specific details of cost components associated with a specific workload for license agreement reporting or audits.

Robust  Billing & Showback

The OpenBook Billing Engine offers a sophisticated cloud billing platform, with granular rate plans for various personas of tenants and usage patterns, supporting billing, chargeback or showback for private or public clouds. Resellers experience the same range of flexibility as the root cloud owner. Invoice and cost accounting information can easily be shared with CRM and accounting packages via Rest-based APIs.

Self-Service Automation

Talligent provides delegated administration and customer self-service for a true on-demand cloud. Using deep integration, OpenBook takes full advantage of the OpenStack platform for the automated provisioning of cloud projects and tenants. Resource efficiency is increased and service response times are reduced.

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Simply intelligent - We’re an OpenBook.


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The OpenBook interface offers streamlined views for cloud admins, resellers, and tenant constituents, allowing different dashboard views of cloud usage, rates and metering. Reseller partners of public clouds have the same range of flexibility to create their own differentiated cloud offerings.

Sophisticated Pricing & Accounting

You can apply multiple rate plans at multiple levels of the tenant hierarchy – from simple flat-rate billing to highly sophisticated pricing models that include discounts, promotional codes, pro-rated charges, taxes, currencies, and charges based on cloud tenants.

Efficient Management

Use resource managers to efficiently manage multiple and heterogeneous clouds – OpenStack, VMware, Verde – with a single instance of OpenBook in your data center.

Comprehensive Billing

Apply comprehensive rating and billing on cloud managed entities (virtual machine, firewall, etc.), services, and applications.

Flexibility Is Key

Cloud tenants have complete flexibility to organize their cloud instance by department, business function, infrastructure location, etc. – OpenBook will mirror the structure when generating the bill.

OpenBook Deployment

Talligent OpenBook provides the functionality to turn your OpenStack cloud into an efficient and automated multi-tenant environment.

Seamless Interoperability

OpenBook can be deployed with minimal interruption into your existing environment. We created OpenBook based on our belief that a solution should integrate and interoperate within your heterogeneous data center rather than rip and replace your existing investment. Further, with an open, REST-based API, interoperability with accounting and CRM systems (such as Oracle Financials or Great Plains) is a straightforward process, driving a seamless customer experience and more complete visibility and cost accounting.

Secure Multi-tenancy

In OpenBook, security is a core function, not a bolted-on afterthought. Usage data protection, sensitive billing information, private client information are partitioned from tenant to tenant by leveraging industry-accepted technologies. Businesses and their clients can confidently rely on the Talligent’s secure billing platform and robust features including our role-based authorization model that allows tenants to apply strict control over data visibility.

Customer Lifecycle

OpenBook is a complete turnkey billing/chargeback solution to start monetizing your cloud. The lifecycle functionality includes customer onboarding and self-service, measuring usage, applying rates, calculating charges, invoicing the customer, and collecting payment. Customers have access to current charges and past invoices, receive notifications based on consumption thresholds, and can adjust provisioned resources. For organizations that have legacy accounting and invoicing systems in place, OpenBook data can be easily shared.

Differentiate Your Cloud

OpenBook has the flexibility to define cloud billing models that range from simple flat-rate billing to highly sophisticated packaging and pricing models that include discounts, pro-rated charges, taxes, currencies, and charges based on cloud tenants.

OpenBook lets you apply rates on:

• Virtual machines and other managed entities for the cloud •
• Infrastructure elements such as networks, storage, and their configurations •
• Services such as backup/recovery, SLA, bandwidth guarantees, etc. •
• Cloud applications and middleware, including virtual desktop infrastructure •
• Customized billing on cloud-related entities •
• Operating system – upcharge for Windows or enterprise Linux •

A few things you can bill for:

• Simple existence of an element and its attributes •
• Usage based on a simple linear cost model or bill based on a tiered cost model with escalating or decreasing costs at higher tiers ‘best-fit’ billing schedule •
• Prorate partial period billing by a variety of schedules – monthly charges can be prorated on a daily or an hourly basis •
• Apply multiple rate plans at multiple levels of tenant hierarchy •
• Sophisticated workflows seamlessly ties resellers, customers, & cloud service providers •

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About Us

Our mission is simple: to enable the business of cloud on OpenStack.

Talligent empowers enterprises and service providers to deploy production quality OpenStack clouds by dramatically improving the visibility and control of cloud infrastructure consumption using OpenBook’s sophisticated knowledgebase. We are OpenStack experts – we know its capabilities and how it works and are developing solutions that take advantage of OpenStack’s key benefits without vendor lock-in.
Whether you have a public or private cloud, if it is deployed on OpenStack, Talligent OpenBook provides the functionality to turn your cloud into an efficient and automated multi-tenant environment.

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