Flying blind is not a management strategy.

Use the Openbook platform to gather business-critical infrastructure consumption
and cost data to better manage OpenStack and hybrid private & public clouds.
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Welcome to Openbook

Openbook for


Simplify the tasks of allocating, charging, and predicting capacity requirements for private cloud services.

Provide a true on demand cloud infrastructure

Sprawl identification and control


Capacity planning


Whether you are a service provider billing tenants for cloud services, or an enterprise needing showback and customer self-service, Talligent delivers a fully-functional, simple to use cloud management solution built specifically for OpenStack and hybrid cloud management.

Enabling the
business of cloud.

Openbook for


Openbook by Talligent is the quickest path to monetizing OpenStack services.

Sell on demand cloud infrastructure

Native reseller workflow

Single solution with REST API

Ratings engine designed for OpenStack

Customer self-service

Complexity simplified. Deep insights.

Openbook delivers administrator and tenant confidence through visibility of resources and accrued costs, and enables you to scale up or down according to budget and resource requirements.

Allocate capacity.
Reclaim costs.

Identify top
usage patterns

Make intelligent cloud
management decisions

Full customer
lifecycle functionality

Expand your
market reach

Full white
label solution

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ENTERPRISE: Visibility. Clarity. Control.

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Measure. Manage. Monetize.

Talligent is helping bring new and useful features to the OpenStack vendor ecosystem, giving users greater choice and flexibility in how they manage capacity and cost in private and hybrid scenarios.

        Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Foundation Executive Director

With advanced tenant-based billing, Talligent OpenBook provides an excellent solution for highly complex mixed OpenStack and non-OpenStack hybrid cloud environments.

        Vivek Ragavan, Siaras co-founder and CEO

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Track costs of your OpenStack, VMware, and hybrid cloud environments.

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