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Yes, we are the first to offer robust billing
solutions on OpenStack, and we’re not taking
a break anytime soon. (Don’t let them tell you differently!)

Tally Intelligently

Talligent OpenBook provides fine-grained metering
and easy-to-use, yet sophisticated, billing plans to
monetize clouds built on VMware or OpenStack.

Granular Clarity

Metering the complex, shared-resource of a multi-tenant model of the cloud…
It’s like tallying every raindrop during a downpour, and billing on each drop of rain.


Introducing OpenBook, an open billing system for the cloud.

Whether you are a service provider requiring to bill cloud services to your tenants, or an enterprise needing to charge back to your internal constituents the cost of private and public clouds, Talligent delivers a fully-functional, simple to use metering and billing solution that has been built specifically for the cloud.


Intelligent Cloud Metering

OpenBook’s intelligent cloud metering engine offers granular visibility into cloud resource utilization and cost. With an intuitive graph view of cloud tenant resources and their utilization, OpenBook allows cloud administrators high-level overview of utilization/cost or to drill down to specific detail of utilization/cost associated with a tenant or workload.

Robust Cloud Billing

For cloud service providers, the OpenBook Billing Engine offers a sophisticated cloud billing platform, with granular rate plans for various personas of tenants and usage patterns. The OpenBook Billing Engine automates the monetization of the cloud based on any feature of the cloud infrastructure or tenant.

Simple, Secure & Scalable

Talligent OpenBook has been built specifically for a shared, multi-tenant VMware and OpenStack environment. Designed for easy deployment, intuitive set-up and use, unlimited scaling, and powerful security, OpenBook delivers.

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Simply intelligent - We’re an OpenBook.

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OpenBook Functionality

OpenBook gives you the ability to define cloud billing models based on your business objectives that offer tenants flexible options – from simple flat-rate billing to highly sophisticated pricing models that include discounts, pro-rated charges, taxes, currencies, and charges based on cloud tenants.

OpenBook lets you apply rates on:

• virtual machines and other managed entities for the cloud •

• infrastructure elements such as networks, storage, and their configurations •

• services such as backup/recovery, SLA, bandwidth guarantees, etc. •

• cloud applications and middleware, including virtual desktop infrastructure •

• customized billing on cloud-related entities •

• OpenStack, VMware, and Virtual Bridges cloud platforms •

A few things you can bill for:

• simple existence of an element and its attributes •

• usage based on a simple linear cost model or bill based on a tiered cost model with escalating or decreasing costs at higher tiers ‘best-fit’ billing schedule •

• prorate partial period billing by a variety of schedules – monthly charges can be prorated on a daily or an hourly basis •

• apply multiple rate plans at multiple levels of tenant hierarchy •

• sophisticated workflows seamlessly ties resellers, customers, and cloud service providers •


The OpenBook user interface offers streamlined views for cloud admins and tenant constituents, allowing different dashboard views of cloud usage, rates and metering.

Sophisticated Pricing Models

You can apply multiple rate plans at multiple levels of the tenant hierarchy – from simple flat-rate billing to highly sophisticated pricing models that include discounts, pro-rated charges, taxes, currencies, and charges based on cloud tenants.

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Efficient Management

Use resource managers to efficiently manage multiple and heterogeneous clouds – OpenStack, VMware, Verde – with a single instance of OpenBook in your data center.

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Comprehensive Billing

Apply comprehensive rating and billing on cloud managed entities (virtual machine, firewall, etc.), services, and applications.

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Flexibility Is Key

Cloud tenants have complete flexibility to organize their cloud instance by department, business function, infrastructure location, etc. – OpenBook will mirror the structure when generating the bill.

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OpenBook Deployment

OpenStack and VMware deployments are accelerating among cloud service providers and within enterprises. Complement these powerful tools with seamless and secure OpenBook integration.

Seamless Interoperability

OpenBook can be deployed with minimal interruption into your existing environment. We created OpenBook based on our belief that a solution should integrate and interoperate within your heterogeneous data center rather than rip and replace your existing investment. Further, with an open, REST-based API, interoperability with a management and orchestration system is a straightforward process, driving better decision making, reducing risk and ensuring predictability.

Secure Multi-tenancy

In OpenBook, security is a core function, not a bolted-on afterthought. Usage data protection, sensitive billing information, private client information are partitioned from tenant to tenant by leveraging industry-accepted technologies. Businesses and their clients can confidently rely on the Talligent’s secure billing platform and robust features including our role-based authorization model that allows tenants to apply strict control over data visibility.


With the exponential growth of applications moving to the cloud, scalability means that a billing solution must accommodate the increase in demand to bill for cloud workloads and services. Here, too, OpenBook delivers. OpenBook distributed architecture allows for linear scaling to match the growth of the infrastructure on multiple cloud OS. Whether billing on 250 managed entities or supporting thousand of virtual machines, the OpenBook solution can confidently support your growth.

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About Us

Our mission is simple: to empower cloud service providers to monetize their cloud deployments by dramatically improving the visibility of cloud infrastructure utilization using OpenBook’s sophisticated billing engine.

Our promise is measured: cloud service providers can confidently and accurately be able to derive revenue from their cloud deployments.

Our motto is bold: we can bill on any managed entities in the cloud.

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"Talligent is solving a real problem in cloud deployments around mapping cloud workloads and tenants to actual infrastructure usage. Their architecture allows for great flexibility in metering based on any characteristic of the cloud."

− Deepak Bhagat, TiE Angels

"As adoption of the cloud continues to grow, many of our customers, especially those in the public sector, are requesting chargeback and metering capabilities in conjunction with their virtual desktop environments. Together with Talligent, we’re delivering a fully-functional, simple to use metering and visualization solution that is architected with VDI and the cloud in mind."

− Bradley Sanford, Virtual Bridges VP of Corporate Development & Strategic Alliances